I’m Fliss, a 21 year old studying English at the University of Southampton. Flissfest is all about my life of adventures, whether they’re abroad or at my Welsh or Southampton home.

In 2009 I was chosen to represent Girlguiding Cymru on a charity-work trip to Peru. I think it was the 2 weeks of living a completely different life in beautiful South America that really set in the travel bug. A few countries and one gap year later, the bug had really taken over. I’ve worked and holidayed abroad and along my journeys I’ve experienced the highs and lows of travel, yet learnt to love every moment of every experience.


From South Africa’s highest bungy jump to hippy festivals in Michigan, some of the strangest, craziest and mesmerizing things have taught me life lessons you can’t find in a lecture room.


In no way have I traveled the world (yet) but so far I’ve jumped to various European destinations, worked as a stablehand/tour guide in South Africa and made Michigan my summer home. When there’s no time to jet off somewhere I try to make the most of what’s around me; one thing I found is that distance really does make the heart grow fonder of your own home and everything it has to offer.


So here’s my blog, preaching a few life lessons and hopefully inspiring others to find their own.


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