An Easter on Instagram

Well hi stranger! I’ve been a massive butt and abandoned blogging for the world of essays. While I take a break from the defeminisation of women in the countryside in the nineteenth century I can show you some snippets of my very chilled month off. 



IMG_20140420_105431 IMG_20140418_160343

IMG_20140420_203010 IMG_20140428_160839



The long month was broken up with baking and demolishing a birthday cake, dip-dying hair, dip-yolking toast, getting fat on crumpets in the sun, being a scary dragon with little cousins and relapsing into my ‘taking too many photos of my cat’ disorder. I think I need to jet off somewhere…

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and set new PRs for chocolate egg demolishing. 

(Oh, and if you want to leave a bunch of comments for me feel free as I am so over women of the countryside right now).


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