A Fortnight On Instagram

No sunny beaches or mountain climbs, just lots of tea.

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Clockwise from top left:

Back in Wales and the first thing I do is head back across the border to England (fair enough it takes 2 minutes, still). Back at home most of our Saturday’s are spent wandering the streets of the quintessentially English town, Shrewsbury. It’s always been a favourite of mine but on this particular day I was shown one of its many hidden gems that makes it even more wonderful than ever. Up the stairs in the Market Hall is a bustling indoor market, packed with stalls selling everything from fresh flowers, fruit and fish to pastries and confectioneries to books, records and vintage denim jackets. Scattered around the edge are various cafes all with their own unique style; we settled for an ‘indoor picnic’ themed one and took a seat on comfy, rustic sofas with a table made from an old trunket. Behind us, a talented young singer and her guitar gave the soundtrack to accompany my tea and fresh bagel topped with mounds of avocado and tomatoes. Best brunch ever. 

I also managed to land back in luscious Wales just in time for Mother’s Day. The world’s greatest mum was treated to a bunch of flowers, as well as carrot cupcakes, a beautifully decorated kitchen table…and a loaf of bread (homemade, of course)- such a lucky lady!

Being home also meant that I was reunited with the world’s cutest kitty. Here he is cleaning his toes and loving life; the cuteness is just killing me (that or the allergic reaction I’m getting from him).

Then there’s the llama whisperer in action. I threw back on Thursday to Cheboygan County Fair where I got to pet the horses, sheep, goats and llamas as camp therapy (I love it really). I have two months now until I’m jetting off for another American summer full of camp, fairs, festivals and skinny dipping and I couldn’t be more excited…just need the visa to hurry the hell up.

Who’s the cheeky blonde I hear you ask? That’s the one and only Anna from This.Is.Anna, my estranged Welshy, blogging sidekick. We had a night out in our rugged high school town catching up with long lost high school friends. After losing our voices from shouting our life stories at one another, we figured it was probably best if the next time we met up we were in a quiet, cafe environment. We’re definitely getting old.

And finally there’s today and every other day this week; a life of tea during the essay writing period with a biscuit celebrating the completion of a first draft. Dunk that soulja boy.  


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