Venice’s Top 5

If I had to choose my favourite European destination, it would be Venice. If I had to choose my favourite Venetian attractions, well this is my list. 


1. Saint Mark’s Basilica

This place makes top 5 of everyone’s Venice hotspot list. The cathedrals outside is as detailed and luxurious as the inside, with gold detailing and stunning mosaics covering every inch. Situated on Piazza San Marco, it’s a pretty mesmerizing piece of architecture that sums up every inch of Venice culture. In fact this place is so incredible that I’d willingly sit through four hours of sermons every Sunday for it.


2. Hot chocolate at Cafè Florian

You may remember this post from last year, The World’s Greatest Hot Chocolate. Well, the record still stands as I’m yet to find a drink that beats this (if you think you have a competitor let me know and I’ll happily test it out). Cafè Florian can also be found on Piazza San Marco and it’s interior carries on the luxury of the cathedral. A variety of breakfasts, afternoon teas, nibbles and lunches are available, all beautifully presented by the most attentive waiters.It’s a little on the pricey side but worth it just for the tasty experience of eating like royalty.


3. Travelling in style, Gondola style

The most stylish way to travel through Venice’s maze of canals is by hopping on a gondola and letting a suave Italian row you away. It’s the perfect way to  explore the city without having to move a muscle. You could be taken from narrow water allies to the Grand Canal, out into the open sea in the most relaxing fashion. I can tell you that a boat ride is one of my worst nightmare’s, yet what looks like a rickety, rockety ride is more like a calming swing in a hammock.  It’s a classic experience for Venice’s tourists so make sure you’re not completely ripped off and get your haggling skills on!


4. The streets of Burano

OK, a bit of a cheat seen as it’s not in Venice but as it’s just down the…sea(?) it’s close enough to count. A boat ride away from the traditional architecture of Venice is it’s hippy sister, Burano. The small island is renowned for it’s lace making which decorate the windows of every shop; shops that sit upon the rows and rows of vibrant colours of the street. If this isn’t one of the most beautiful towns then I don’t know what is.


5. Gallerie dell’Accademia

I’m a massive art fan, so a gallery had to make one of my tops. There’s a massive range of museums and art galleries in Venice, ranging from the early centuries up to the modern day; we just happened to delve into the Gallerie dell’Accademia to find some pre-19th Century treasures. The gallery is home to a variety of Venetian painters with a collection of Renaissance, Gothic and Bizantine art set against a building that is an artwork in itself. I love spending an afternoon wandering through rooms of artwork, and without getting too “arsty”, it’s the right fill of history.

Architecture, food, transport and art- that makes up my top 5 Venice, a pretty good dose of culture I’d say. 


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