Bomb Dodging in the New Forest

For Christmas break I was joined by my favourite American person. It was his first trip to the UK so there was a lot of exploring to do. 

With a foreigner on my hands, it was vital to show off some of the best of Britain. Whilst we were still at my Southampton home we decided to take a trip to the New Forest for the day, taking full advantage of the stunning countryside that’s right on my doorstep.

There’s not much new about the New Forest, it’s a huge national park in the South of England that boasts scenes of untouched forests, grassland and chilled out ponies. Take a drive through it, take a walk, hijack a pony; however you choose to get through it the landscape will dazzle in every way. Especially on a clear, cool January day.


We rolled up in Lyndhurst, a sweet little village that had more tea rooms than inhabitants. The quaint village had been a holiday destination of a friend’s childhood and he firmly recommended it as a spot for countryside roaming; more specifically he recommended the oldy-worldy sweet shop that was hidden among the tea rooms.

After a short walk down the highstreet, popping into the various vintage-y,shabby chic-y, Victorian-y shops which made up the rest of the buildings that weren’t selling tea and cakes, we eventually found our pot of gold (and by gold I mean sugar).


After getting a decent fill of sugar, we wandered further through the village in search of a footpath that would lead us through the park.


When I’m rolling in my millions there’ll definitely be a house plonked right in the middle of these views (I doubt that’s allowed but I can dream…)


Yup…house right there.

I’d advise taking a pair of sturdy wellies especially after a month of rain. As well as the puddle dodging there also happened to be some ‘bomb dodging’. (I know, my post titles make everything sound so much more interesting but there genuinely was bomb dodging of a kind, well, we took note of the warnings).


Watch your step, turns out their might be a couple of bombs just waiting for some poor hiker to stumble upon that were left over from WWI military training.

After a peaceful stroll through part of the park we decided to head back to the village before we were left to avoid bombs in the dark. We narrowed the large competition of the tea rooms down to one, Tea Total. It’s cute and cosy, and I’ve never seen a menu of teas quite as large as Teat Total offers. What’s even cooler is that you brew it yourself…


And the scones…mmm….


So there you have it, if you’re ever in the New Forest area you have an idyllic village parking place, a perfect walk with a little excitement and to round it off, some scrumptious food in a relaxed cafe.

Then again you could make up a whole other adventure within the New Forest, you’re certainly spoiled for choice.


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