Last week a little notification popped up to tell me it was my birthday, well Flissfest’s first birthday!

2013-05-29 12.09.32

Unfortunately there’s no cake in the house for me to celebrate, so I’m dreaming of this chocolate tiffin I found in a cute hippy cafe. Oh boy.

Flissfest has certainly had its ups and downs in a year; I started off with a million ideas queuing up to be posted, then three months in America slowed the posting speed right down, then my mojo came back, then it went, came back, went etc etc… Reaching a year for Flissfest made me realise that, other than I really need to work a less sporadic blogging schedule out, I’ve actually learnt some pretty valuable life lessons through it. Who knew a travel blog could get so philosophical?

Flissfest has taught me that you should never do anything half-heartedly. Either you give it your all, or you take a step back until you can do it. When deadlines are at their peak I’ve certainly tried to step away from posting; mainly because I know whatever is typed out at 1am is really not worth reading and only adds to the landfill side of the internet.

Then there’s the slightly sad side of blogging. Flissfest started off open only to the WordPress community, then my guts spoke to me and Twitter got a peak, then Facebook. Opening your blog to people you know is the scariest of all, next to you, they’re your greatest critics. So when you find yourself having to back up what you’re doing to a handful of those that don’t quite “get it” you start to wonder why you’re actually writing about planes, ice cream and festivals. Doubt kicks in and you can kiss goodbye to your mojo. When this happened to me, I ended up taking a long break from blogging. On coming back I had a brand spanking new mojo and a month of adventures worth writing about. In blogging (and life) you have to remember, 1.You are your greatest critic, what you say goes, 2. The handful are only a handful, what they say must be taken with a pinch of salt and 3. Some people actually enjoy reading about your experience with a cheetah and looking at your overly instagrammed photos; they’re the people that matter. 

Anyway it’s just a travel blog. You can’t get too critical about planes and ice cream, unless you’re a knobhead.

Finally there’s the happy side of blogging. The sweet comments on and offline, the strange search engine terms related to your posts that you find in your stats (e.g “is stroh rum bad?” and my all time favourite, “i got pied”), the random hits from an island you never knew of and in general, learning that you’re actually a little more interesting than you thought you were. You can find your voice, learn and share and that’s something pretty special.

There are a million more ups than downs with Flissfest and every post I love it more. So here’s to another year of (hopefully) less sporadic blogging, more wonderful followers and lots more travelling adventures! Thank you to everyone that wasn’t a knob about it and to those that were, thanks for the hits xxx

2012-08-14 17.19.15

Oh and lot’s more ice cream…


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