The Balloon Pit

I’ve found a “grown-up” playroom.

Whilst in London (before the champagne got to us) my mum and I killed some time in the Southbank area waiting for our VIP ride. We got as far as the Southbank Centre when I spotted an exhibition I’d heard some interesting things about on Rosie, The Londoner‘s recommendation.

Between now and 5th May you’ll be able to witness the strange, witty and simplistic work of Martin Creed at the Hayward Gallery. Unfortunately taking photos of art goes against all rules of many art galleries, but I can tell you that as a hater of “modern art” I was in love with the childishness of it all.

Martin Creed at Hayward Gallery, London. Photo by Linda Nylind. 26/1/2014.

Walking into the first room and you’re met by this, a massive neon MOTHERS sign turning at different speeds accompanied by metronomes propped against the walls, all ticking at different times. It’s really weird but really cool.

The exhibition carries the weirdness on through every room, on one wall you may find thousands of individual broccoli prints, on another a tower of cardboard boxes in size order, or cacti, or a woman taking a dump, or a speaker playing fart noises.

It’s really something. 

One of my favourite pieces had to be the small blob of Blu-Tack, ‘where instead of being the supporting act it becomes the main attraction’. That is so deep.

The absolute winner though was the Balloon Pit. Half the air in a given space, even. This was a room full of huge, white balloons containing half the air of the room. After seeing other visitors clamber and squeeze out with their hair defying gravity, mum and I were a little apprehensive.

But when there’s a room full of balloons you have to ignore apprehension and dive straight in.


As you can see by my slightly anxious face, the first few seconds is a hit of claustrophobia and knotty hair,


Especially when you lose your mum in balloons,


But I was one of the lucky ones and found her, from then it was a game of racing and trying to get as lost as you could in the grown up playroom.

It’s an exhibition that if you tried to take it seriously, I’d probably laugh at you. Sometimes things just need to be enjoyed for being ridiculous. There’s still time to head down to the fun house and enjoy the simplicity of paper, blu-tack and ladies taking dumps. Even if you hate what art has become like the cynical me you can still enjoy this….unless you’re a total prude.


3 responses to “The Balloon Pit

  1. hahahaha! this is so cool! I’ve not even heard you mention this to me – we will be discussing all on Tuesday 😉 xxxxx

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