Drunk on London

Last weekend I became a VIP tourist.

A stressful week of university deadlines gave me the perfect excuse for a London get-away and a mama-daughter reunion. We met at Waterloo station and quickly ran off to our swanky hotel, the Park Plaza. Everything in there was shiny, clean and downstairs was a sweet-smelling spa and pool; pure luxury for a student like me.

Mum had come down to celebrate with her friend who had won a VIP trip on the London Eye thanks to the TV show ‘Surprise Surprise’; someone had dropped out and I was lucky enough to take the extra spot! After a crash and catch up on our beds, we hurried off excitedly to the South Bank of the River Thames.


London’s weather was perfect for the experience, blue skies and a warm Sun meant that there’d be miles and miles of scenery to enjoy up there. On meeting up with our group, we took the fast track in the queue (feeling pretty superior) and hopped into the carriage before it took off without us.

I’ve always thought of the London Eye as not much more than a ferris wheel for foreigners that makes a good photo for the holiday album. Having been on it I still do think that however, it is just as enjoyable for Brits as it is foreigners. A whole new perspective is given of the city, the bustling crowds become a trail of ants, every landmark is visible and the wold somehow seems small and big all at the same time.

It’s a lot like the Eiffel Tower but cooler, because it moves.


The gift experience allowed two rotations which lasted an hour,


The Shard, still double the height of the Eye

Some incredible views,


And not enough canapés to stop you from getting mashed on the ten bottles of champagne provided.

After our hours worth of fun picking out various hotspots, drinking, eating, talking jibberish and swaying round the slightly rocky glass cabin, we eventually stumbled off the ferris wheel (making sure not to get left behind for rotation number three.

The experience left mum and I in top spirits, I completely take back my previous reservations on the foreigners ferris wheel. It puts a totally different perspective on the busy city, giving some time-out from crowds and take a VIP London seat. I only recommend going easy on the drink if there is any, that way you might remember more of what you see.


Cheers guys


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