2013 did not turn out as I expected. 

It started off fairly normal, plenty of cold weather and a long countdown to another American summer. In that time I managed to whack out some terrible essays for my degree, blag a few exams, scrape a decent grade and Flissfest was born. June finally came and I was back in Michigan. I had another amazing camp summer and unexpectedly ended up in Ohio extending my stateside stay. Who knew that I’d end up dating someone 3000 odd miles away and that I’d be showing them a British Christmas and seeing in the New Year with them. 2013 Taught me to expect the unexpected, that’s why it’s been my favourite…so far.

However, I still have “resolutions” for 2014 (but these ones are “revolutions” because then they sound so much more important):

1. Take the camera out everywhere and actually use it.

2. In order to complete 1. I have to go places so, 2. get out more.

3. Be nice because sometimes I think I make Grumpy Cat look sweet.

4. All the traditionals; get hot, wearing sweats everyday is not acceptable, turn up to lectures, no more night-before essays, get a job blaah blaaah no one sticks to these…

5. No blog slacking.

Hopefully I can stick to this self-revolution list but if you don’t hear from me in a years time then you know 5. failed.


In any case, a belated Happy New Year and I hope all your 2014 dreams come true xxx


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