Making a Comeback

It’s been a long time…a very long time.

And in that time so much has happened and yet I still couldn’t bring myself to share it all. It even got to the point that when I clicked on my bookmarked link to this blog I was just another guest. That does mean I was giving myself some extra views but it’s still a little depressing.

So I’m back to blogging those odd little trips out and adventures abroad. And when there’s nothing left to be said I’ll find something; everyone likes a good “New Year’s Resolutions” post even if it’s 2 months late, or the classic Buzzfeed style “[Insert number] something something lots of GIFs”. If you’re lucky there might even be a baking post but I doubt that because that should be left to the vintage lifestyle bloggers and I don’t want to steal their content.



It would be so easy to just post mindless Instagram photos of the last 2 months but that’s too easy, so stick with me milking the most I can out of all I’ve got, including London, Wales, Hampshire and Strictly Come Dancing treat!?

Instagram special for you anyway…



All I know is that 2014’s got plenty to offer and that’s exciting.


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