Remember, Remember

So I managed that quick getaway from Southampton.


The fencing club made their way to Winchester for the annual Round Table Fireworks. A quick history lesson for all those who don’t celebrate the 5th November;

From the station we followed an excited crowd of all ages to a muddy field full of even more excitement, sparklers, food and probably the biggest, non-accidental fire I’ve ever seen. There also seemed to be a trend this year of  fire torches which made those carrying them look like they’d got a firework display and a witch hunt mixed up. After managing to avoid the angry Winchester witch hunters we found the chips van, good ol’ British style and one of the greatest comforts on a freezing November night.


The chips soon went and just ahead we saw our childhood dreams in the form of a sweets van, sugar heaven!


There was a lot of sugar which definitely got the better of me so when the firework display came it was a hundred times more magical than a sugar-sober person would’ve seen it, sneaky sweet sellers. 

Cue those blurry shots of colour that I’m passing off as ‘artsy’…




Definitely art

Now the 15 minute firework show wasn’t quite up there with the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, however they were accompanied by the theme music to both Wallace and Gromit and James Bond so I felt my £5 was well spent. A grand finale of colourful explosions that looked like a sky of dandelions ended the show, and it was farewell Winchester. 


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