Camp ’13

“The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days” 

Well it was something along those lines anyway.

The days are long yet when you’re blasting out spice girls on the karaoke later that Thursday evening you can’t believe it’s been a week sine you were slut dropping to 50 Cent. Only the holy $8 waterproof Walmart watch that’s stuck t your wrist gives you any idea of time; although mine becomes more of a way to admire my impressive tan. So often will you hear the two phrases “that only feels like yesterday” and “I feel like I’ve been here a year”- no one really knows what time is, as long as there’s food guaranteed every few hours everyone lives their summer camp life happily.


For the second year I was back in Northern Michigan, surrounded by tall pines, tranquil lakes and beautiful weather. The dream surroundings for a working summer.The visa troubles were put aside as soon as I was surrounded by all the incredible staff from last year, jumping off the bus to be greeted by familiar and new faces. I’m getting soppy because it really was the most refreshing thing to have after a journey from hell!

Staff week was the greatest, maybe not because I spent many hours taping and painting the fencing piste lines (I never want to see masking tape and white paint again). It was hard labor bordering slavery (not quite) but we were surrounded by great people, slavery with friends is better than slavery with enemies, right? No kids meant we could curse freely and bitch about our years with good company. I suppose most of the week was also spent rekindling our Pines pizza love and waiting in anticipation for first day off…

2013-07-02 19.31.51

It was big and it was beautiful

The first day off came and went. I’m sorry, days off deserve a whole post of their own…which should probably have an 18 certificate with them.

And then like a gift from the heavens, along came the kids….

And it was back to this

America 12 015

For the first 4 weeks I had my kids from last year; crazy, sassy and too intelligent for me 10 year olds. My absolute favourites. They kept me entertained with their impressions, opinions and relationship advice; they could make me cry with anger and laughter; I wasn’t so sure about their obsession with twerking but as long as they were happy…

The counselors were feeling fresh and our ‘special days’ of Colour Clash, Messy Day and 4th July were perfect breaks from routine. Even the foreigners were getting along.


There was plenty of fancy dress, campfires, smores, cats coming back, birds on perches, sneaking out, karaoke, bug bites, homesick kids, horses trying to die, personal questions, inappropriate questions, inappropriate answers, accidental curses, consequential bribing, a tonne of memories that have currently escaped me and future ideas for blog posts.



When the month was up and it was time to say goodbye it was rough. When you’re with these kids 24/7 you can only try so hard to not become attached to them- it’s your adopted family. So they left and in came new, mud-free kids. 

IMG0008 (3)

second session

Other than all the staff turning into zombies, the session goes pretty well and you find yourself crying like a baby when it’s time to leave. 



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