The Great British weather, it’s pretty great if you ask me.

You can go from this,


to this,


back to this,


and then maybe this,


All in about 2 months….usually in “summertime” (pfff)

A little Instagram photo essay for you of our ever changing weather. Perfect for someone like me who gets bored easily. Our two days of temperatures around 19°C was enough for me, I needed rain, and the heavens answered me.

A lot of Brits would shame me for declaring my love for rain but they secretly love it too. How else would their rose gardens bloom? Could they live knowing every British duck was being deprived of a rain bath? My Grandma’s weather updates would never be the same if the rain gauge wasn’t piled with snow. If the weather was so predictable where would the fun be in ripping the weatherman apart? How else would small talk start that would then lead on into a detailed analysis of British weather in the last 10 years? Britain relies on it’s weather.

Currently it is my work load that relies on a rainy day so that I have an excuse to stay in. And so my education thanks you, dear skies of Britain. 


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