OK, today is Monday but it’s a bank holiday so it’s basically another Sunday. Number Two of why Britain is the best/greatest/another good word+est.


I’m not sure whether someone pressed charges against whoever’s in charge of the weather or if the clouds ran out of rain but we’ve had some pretty fine sunshine recently! Well in the South anyway (North you can keep your snow thank you).

So other than the wife beaters and hot pants that shouldn’t have been sported but were, the sun has worked its magnetic force attracting everyone to the beer gardens to make the most of our short-lived Summer.

I say ‘Beer Gardens’ because if it were ‘Pubs’ I’d be here a long time. Beer Gardens are pretty straight forward and I spent a few soberish hours in one the other day so I know what I’m talking about.


Thank you Bri for the photo 🙂

Beer Gardens are the best, being outside with friends and a drink is the best. Actually that’s another great thing, you don’t even have to drink beer in the garden- you could have water and not be kicked out for it- amazing.

This was a nice beer garden. I was somewhere near Brighton, Billingshurst; not a place you’ll usually find me but there I was visiting friends from camp (from both sides of the pond). It was a gorgeous day as you can see by the sunglasses on my head and shrunken eyes, hayfever will never make the list of Great Britain, you can get lost mate.

Something about sitting in a beer garden symbolizes your appreciation for the above 5° temperature and that you have more of a reason to be out there other than you needed a smoke. Watching other pub-goers venture tentatively out of the dark insides, clutching their beer (just to be on the safe side), knowing that they aren’t smokers and are heading into a strange land of sun and benches with umbrellas is quite a sight. It’s like a human wakening from hibernation.


Today was a beautiful Bank Holiday but you know I just can be bothered with good weather anymore- bring on Winter.


2 responses to “GREAT BRITAIN #2

  1. ”bring on Winter.” Felicity Cusack, you take that back right now. (p.s i have some hilarious sunburn to show you)

    • Oh hello there Anna, come to rip my blog apart I see haha!
      Want to see this hope it’s not too dodgy (that’s why we need winter back- nice and covered up)

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