A Few Things To Do In California

After camp I was in California for 2 weeks with family and believe it or not, there is more to America than just food (although that did make up for most of the experience). Short and sweet introduction over, here’s a list of some of those stereotypical American things anyone should do when they find themselves in the states…


1. Any kind of theme park

I chose Disney World

2012-08-15 16.02.26

Sea World too, what?


It’s a classic, you got to America to go to theme parks. Maybe it’s because you can go on the wet rides and know you won’t be in hospital by the end of the day with hypothermia. In America you go on wet rides to cool down.

Disney World and Sea World may not be the most adrenaline-rushing experiences but there’s something enlightening about being 19 years old and wanting a picture with Donald Duck or applauding a seal balancing a ball on its nose. Please don’t make me get too into my childish tendencies. Theme parks are cool but like, no biggie right…?

2. The maaaaall

You also go to the states to shop, obviously. Sadly there’s no evidence of my cheesy grin posing outside the mall- that’s because I was far too engrossed in the sheer amount of good shops selling good clothes at a good price.

Target (or Targé if you’re trying not to be American and failing at being European), Forever 21, Pacsun, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie, that Seal one, that other one; as you can see that is the most girly list ever compiled. The malls in CA are massive and reminded me a lot of some Disney World make-believe holiday village, to be fair most of CA left me with that sort of impression, so if the UK wants to take any notes for good looking shopping districts please turn to our American friends because they know how shopping really works.

3. Beach

America 12 275

There are plenty of beaches in California and this will apply to pretty much any. In California you got to the beach to attempt bodyboarding, hide your definitely not so toned body and stare at the lifeguards. It’s pretty simple. Just remember your dark lens glasses, to protect your eyes…..of course.

4. Speaking of beaches, Venice Beach

Venice Beach is however, a little different.


The sun, sea and sand are all gorgeous and bright. The boardwalk that runs alongside it is ‘funky’. I think I would’ve appreciated the funkiness far more had I been with friends. In one short length of this long boardwalk you may stumble across a man playing the piano seemingly serenading a cat asleep on it. You will be asked endlessly if you want to see the ‘Doctor’, as much as I would I am with my 13 year old cousin, thanks. At one point there seemed to be a body building gym set up on the beach with a fair few Schwarzenegger’s lifting (no complaints there). Personally it just seemed like an elaborately Americanized version of the street performers from home.

America 12 328

5. The Griffith Observatory

If it’s night time and you’re not 21 and you happen to be in LA then you can either a) sleep b) go and watch a film that’s not yet been released in the UK, go and watch it then go home and brag/tell everyone the ending or c) go and stare across the night time cityscape. I recommend option c).

Prepare yourselves for some terrible camerawork,

America 12 339

This does LA no justice. Seriously though, we drove up Mount Hollywood, walked round the Griffith Observatory learning about space, then made our way outside to see an incredible view of the Downtown LA. It looked like a man made version of the night sky, like a constellation of office towers and homes. I could’ve spent the whole night staring and then the rest of the next day but there were funny rustles coming from the hedges and I’d heard that a wildcat was on the loose in the area.


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