Germany Is A Nice Surprise

August 2010 and I’m on a family + boyfriend at the time holiday in Germany. It was alright I suppose, well Germany is a pretty nice place, though I don’t suggest taking your plus one with you on a family holiday.

Let’s forget the social dynamics of that one week though because it would do Germany no credit, and Germany deserves credit in my opinion.

Firstly, Germany is a nice surprise. I went there expecting an ugly version of France and instead found myself choosing future holiday homes. Now I don’t remember most of this trip but the image of toy houses and everyone travelling by tram or bicycle spring to mind when thinking of Germany. Right now I probably sound pretty naive to any German readers or frequent Germany go-ers however, most of my history education was spent learning that the country wasn’t the nicest of countries so it was nice to see there’s more to Germany than world wars.

Such as the secret parks (secret to anyone that can’t speak German or read signs)


While we were in Oldenburg we stumbled upon one of their many massive parks. I don’t know the name of this one but it had a river and it had little boats to hire so that’s what we did under the hot sun. Speaking of hiring, we also hired some bicycles and made our way round more of these parks- the life!

There was also the architecture which was far more impressive than I imagined. Then again I think I was imagining concrete walls and more of a Coventry look about the place that gets mistaken as being ‘hipster’.


I mean just look. And before anyone’s surprised by my interest in architecture let me just say I was an avid Sims fan and my houses were seriously good, so yeh.

Other than the traditional aesthetic good-lookingess of the old cities of Germany there were some other bits to it. One day we were in a gallery looking at Picasso’s colour by number works being passed off as art. Another day we were being chased by a bus driver down the street who was worried we’d got off at the wrong stop, we had but we didn’t want to make the awkward acceptance of our mistake and so making the international ‘off for a drink’ sign we carried on running, intending to eventually find a swimming pool for some non-culture time.

I’m sorry there’s not much to this little Germany adventure. Most memories of it make me cringe but beneath all that there’s a memory  of a far more decent place than the history books implied. If you’ve been affected by this tarnishing I suggest you go to Oldenburg- it’s not an ugly France, the people aren’t rest-of-the-world haters and you might find some nice little surprises. Who knows.


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