Eating My Way Round America

I left America about a stone heavier, no joke. Well I wasn’t laughing, it has left endless jokes for my dad and brother though.

And it was all because of this,

2012-08-12 21.09.05

and this…

2012-08-14 17.19.15

oh and this…

America 12 332


2012-07-21 16.18.02

it just doesn’t stop…


You get the idea, there was food and a lot of it. A lot of incredibly tasty food. 

I’d been at camp for 2 months, eating as much food whenever there was food and then burning it off until it was time to eat again. Readjusting the communication between my brain and stomach after this starvation period when visiting my aunty proved tricky and, like with most families, family members are there to fatten you up so they still have an excuse to squeeze your “chubby cheeks”.

I can’t complain though, food is a large part of the American experience (one of the reasons I’ve vowed never to move there) and I’m pretty sure every restaurant uses the same secret ingredient that makes every meal taste good but exactly the same as say, the last Italian restaurant, which tasted like the Mexican food you had just after the similar tasting burger you had. In a good way it all tastes the same, the problem is that this ‘secret ingredient’ makes everything larger than life, it’s even in the salads. Some call it sugar.

The nice thing about this country and its strong relationship with food is that it has so many different kinds from so many different cultures, a chance to mix your burger fillings up. However, I’d say this probably has links with their ideas of their country being bigger than Earth itself. For many they  can order a pizza and call themselves fluent in Italian. I don’t want to get into every detailed observation of America that I’ve made in my time because you’ll all hate me and right now I’m not brave enough as seen as I have to go back there.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being there and eating the food. It’s just when I look back on it I only see the country as a skinny person’s answer to fat camp.


But just look at the happiness Nutella-banana pancakes bring to British people…


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