Bodyboarding In The Atlantic Ocean

Sounds impressive but I’m a terrible bodyboarder and this was in Ireland, somewhere in the Ring of Kerry to be precise.


I’m even facing the wrong way.

So October 2009 I’m on a family holiday in the County Kerry region of Ireland. We arrived by ferry and as soon as we were off it was headphones in, Lord of the Dance blasting, trying to bring my Irish blood to life. It totally worked and for a week I was totally Irish- minus the red hair and heavenly accent.

Disclosure: this was a family holiday, not long after my spiritual-fulfilling (kinda-not really) journey to Peru, so sticking a 16 year old that has found early freedom in a small holiday home in a deserted hamlet with family for company was not ideal at the time.


Nevertheless this is Ireland and a good-looking part too; I was able to sulk on my own standing at the top of cliffs or edges of the lochs singing ‘Wuthering Heights’, thinking about life and how much I’d love to live here on my own. I loved the place even more just because it let my mind escape and that sounds really lame, kinda ‘cos it is.


As you may know by now I’m not the culture-keen type. It’s getting better but the problem is that I think I’ve been guilt-tripped into exploring cultural things all my life. There’s a lot of culture in Ireland that perhaps added to my terrible mood but at least I went to see the boat museums, mountains of stone that passed for ‘ruins’ and other things that I don’t remember that left me feeling less guilty. Luckily the bit of culture in the picture above was stranded on its own island that we didn’t fancy swimming to.

Culture and history overload…So other than being in a strop and stomping round forts and over the beautiful scenery my brother and I went bodyboarding. That was actually pretty fun and a chance to wear a wetsuit. The wind and rain were cold but the sea was still warm from the summer sun. I have no idea if that’s fact or just something I’ve got from wikipedia which means it’s a lie but totally makes sense to the science part of my brain. Anyway if you’re ever in Ireland and tired of admiring nature and culture definitely go for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean! The waves are decent (to my bodybarding knowledge) and you can leave feeling like you actually accomplished something, even if that’s just being able to force yourself into a wetsuit.


I left Ireland in a better mood and not because I was leaving it. I felt relaxed, empty-headed and refreshed. You can go to a quiet village, escape the rest of the world and enjoy spending time with yourself or with someone else. This is sounding so romantic, ew…

The next time I find myself in Ireland I want to be with friends, in an Irish bar, pint of Guinness in hand doing my rendition of Riverdance to the old man with the fiddle that looks like my Grandad. Yup.

For now I’ll have to stick with the Irish accent that comes to life at night in the smoking area of a club.


3 responses to “Bodyboarding In The Atlantic Ocean

  1. Felicity there is one thing wrong with the. The sea was not still warm from the summer, the truth is that it was bloody freezing and only warning up after being in there for about half an hour in a wetsuit.

  2. Honeybee, i’ll come to Ireland with you and sit in an Irish bar, pint of Guinness in hand doing renditions of Riverdance to the old man with the fiddle that looks like your Grandad

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