Mackinac Island

‘Special Days’ at Summer Camp usually involved chasing small children, being chased by small children or hiding from small children and counselors would do all they could to take that particular Special Day off and escape to a land of beer pong and skinny dipping. However when counselors became courteous and considerate over days off it could only mean one thing, that the Mackinac Island trip was coming.

Mackinac Island is a very small bit of floating land, yet that small bit of land appears to have more fudge, ice cream and t-shirt shops than all 50 states. Heaven, if that’s your sort of thing. 

2012-07-21 16.18.02

Being an island, it has to be reached by boat (duh, but imagine the journey with 60ish kids who have all overdosed on sugar, yeh) and after a 20 minute ride you reach a busy town that seems more like a film set than real life. In a sense, Mackinac Island is purely a tourist attraction and it shouldn’t surprise me…but it’s so odd. The town seems to live off candy and gets around by horse drawn carriages, everything so la-de-da, oldendays-ish and perfect; I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all. I read, probably on Wikipedia, that they have roughly 15,000 visitors a day and just under 500 residents. Those 500 residents all seem to be minted yacht owners though, not so bad. Oldenday-ish with a hint of millionaires.

2012-08-04 15.07.56

I was quite happy getting my campers to go and ask to test-taste all the ice cream and fudge in every shop but there comes a point when enough fudge is enough fudge. So we headed to the mirror maze. I wouldn’t be surprised if a child had planned the town attractions, whoever it was though is way more in touch with what people want out of an island. We were in that mirror maze for a good 15 minutes and that’s definitely long enough for a mirror maze.

America 12 152

We came out of the maze to be awarded with an ‘I Survived the Mirror Maze’ sticker by a woman who didn’t seem so bothered about our escape from death. I wondered how I’d feel if I had to hand out stickers to people who’d just escaped from a pit of lions and decided I’d feel pretty bored after the 15,000th survivor. Maybe I should’ve thrown her in the maze just to get her sticker-handing-out mojo back?

Anyway, enough fudge, enough mirrors, we headed back to what I’m guessing is the main green (the large bit of grass that everyone hangs out on). With views of the Lake Huron, about 5 different weddings and kids and counselors chilling out, it was perfect. You can see why every year counselors do dodgy deals on days off and kids go crazy at the thought of overdosing on candy.

So now if someone asks me the ‘stranded on an island’ question, I choose Mackinac as my island.


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