The World’s Greatest Hot Chocolate

I was scanning through my photos from a past Venice trip ready to write another reminiscing blog post; among the many photos of stunning architecture, canals, artwork and dogs in traditional dress, I discovered some sweet memories- Venice’s hot chocolate.

I can’t say I’ve travelled the world in search of the greatest hot chocolate but so far Venice wins. If you know the Gü hot chocolate soufflé things well, they’re better and thicker than that. If you don’t know what I mean, it’s like rich, shiny (just go with it), silky (I dunno where these words are coming from), super duper thick melted chocolate…OK yeh its like melted chocolate with a thickener that should be eaten with a spoon.



The drink above is from Cafè Florian, known to be Piazza San Marco’s most expensive place for a coffee, the few minutes of bliss is so worth it though. If that’s not enough to persuade you, my brother and I stole packets of sugar from there and then passed them on as birthday presents- people love sugar especially expensive sugar.

I am no food reviewer or food photographer and I may be more interested in telling you about my odd experiences but honestly, trust me on this. I suggest you now book a Ryanair flight to Venice and go and try one of these babies, just don’t be suprised when you find the flight is cheaper than the drink.


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