Storms River Tubing

Our main goal of the spontaneous roadtrip was the world’s highest bungee jump and that wasn’t booked until the afternoon of the second day. Instead of fitting in last minute prayers of forgiveness we decided to warm up our adrenaline.

Tsitsikamma is made for the adrenaline-seeing traveller; based along the Garden Route it offers hostels for every kind of traveller, from the funky jungle to the serious kind, and with this a load of extreme activities, like Blackwater Tubing. 

Well I say ‘extreme’ but we were there in the calm water season, the rapids weren’t so strong so we did have time to take in the beautiful, over-towering cliffs and repent our sins as the warm sun shone on our freezing bodies. Now and then there would be a fast current and our trusty tube would be swept into a rock and there I’d be stuck until my princes (the tube guys with cameras) would come and rescue me. Sometimes there was even a metre drop suprise or even a sneaky rock that would punch me in the butt. If I was lucky enough, my face would bump into a spider who’d hang out with me and get a free ride to their friend’s web.



Obviously we weren’t having enough fun, I was exhausted from laughing and hand paddling (although because my arms are so short my princes did take sympathy and pulled me around with them by my feet)- no, now and again we would fall out of our tubes and climb the cliffs to about 8ft and jump off. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, well after the first go I am, but jumping into a black pool knowing you’re going to hit something isn’t that fun. Once you’ve done it and survived it’s really fun.


We had a good 2/3 hours of paddling, relaxing, jumping and suprises by which time we were definitely warmed up for facing death later.

If you’re in the area give it a try. It didn’t sound great to me, I was only attracted by the opportunity to wear a wetsuit and I ended up loving it. However if  you have a fear of water like the woman who joined our group, then it’s not a very good idea and your other half will ditch you as you’re left being dragged round by your feet. 


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