Stroh Rum Nights

Stroh Rum, friend and enemy. Frenemy. When I look back on South Africa I remember the beautiful coastline, the galloping along beaches, that bungee jump…there’s also the nights you remember not remembering and that’s thanks to the 20p shots.

There was a little bar in our closest village, Kei Mouth. Fisherman’s Den was where us riding girls and locals would go to drink and dance the night away.


As a newbie, you also had to go through their initiation, that’s where Stroh Rum comes in. One shot of the poison-tasting poison and you were done for the night. There was dancing on tables, dancing on the bar, dancing with the bartender, watching the bartender fight, making friends with the bartenders mum, becoming the bartender…it all happened and it was amazing.


There’s something about the locals’ bar wherever I end up that I really love. They all know eachother, have their own banter, own village fool (the weed guy who kept asking for a game of pool) and when you’re in a place such as SA where they know how to drink and how to have a good time, you become one of them. They want any visitor to have as much fun as they do and so when you’re at the bar don’t be suprised when shots start appearing from nowhere. Embrace it.


Yup, embrace it.


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